LPG Booking Offer: You are getting the benefit of Rs 2700 on the booking of LPG cylinder and many benefits, hurry up

LPG Booking Offer: There is good news for you amid rising inflation of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) gas. Now you can book LPG cylinder cheaply. Actually, you can get a bumper benefit of Rs 2700 on booking LPG cylinder under a special offer. You will get many more offers and benefits in this offer. For this benefit you do not need to book gas only through 'Paytm'. So let's know what offers you are getting and what will have to be done to take advantage of these offers.

LPG Booking Offer

LPG Booking Offer

Under this special LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) offer, if you book an LPG cylinder from Paytm, you will get a direct benefit of Rs 2,700. Actually Paytm has announced cashback and many other rewards on booking of LPG cylinders. Paytm has started a scheme named 3 Pay 2700 Cashback Offer. New users will be able to take advantage of this offer. In which they will get an assured cashback of up to Rs 900 on the first booking of three consecutive months.

Cashback up to Rs.900 : LPG Booking Offer

There are also terms and conditions of this (Paytm) offer. Actually, this cashback will be available to only those customers who have booked LPG gas cylinder for the first time. On booking three LPG gas cylinders every month, you will get a cashback of up to Rs 900 on the first booking. This cashback will be available for three months. This cashback can range from Rs 10 to Rs 900.

There will be many more offers

Moreover, Paytm will offer existing users fixed rewards and up to 5000 cashback points on every LPG booking, which can be redeemed for great deals and gift vouchers from top brands. Paytm has also added a new feature to its app some time back. In which users can also track the delivery of LPG cylinder after booking it. Apart from this, a reminder to fill the cylinder will also come on the phone.

'Paytm Postpaid' Plan: LPG Booking Offer

This '3 Pay 2700 Cashback Offer' is applicable on booking of cylinders of all 3 major LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) companies - Indane, HP Gas and Bharat Gas. Customers will have a chance to pay for LPG cylinder booking next month by registering in the 'Paytm Now Pay Later' program popularly known as 'Paytm Postpaid'.

Will you get cashback like this?

  1. For this you first download the Paytm app.
  2. After that go to cylinder booking. Then choose your gas agency. In this you will see three options – Bharat Gas, Indane Gas and HP Gas.
  3. Now after this enter your registered number or LPG ID or customer number.
  4. After filling this information, you can make payment by pressing the Proceed button.

who will benefit

If you are Paytm user then you can take advantage of this offer. But its benefit will be available to those LPG customers, who will book LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) cylinder for the first time through Paytm app. The special thing is that users can get up to Rs 900 cashback on booking 3 LPG cylinders. Apart from this, users will also get assured Paytm First Points, which they will be able to redeem from their wallet balance.

Strong shock of inflation on the first day of December

Rising inflation has broken the back of the general public and on the first day of December once again people have got a deep shock of inflation. Petroleum companies have increased the price of gas (LPG Gas Cylinder Price) from today and the price of commercial cylinder has been increased by Rs 100. It is a matter of relief that the increase has happened only in the commercial LPG cylinder and no changes have been made in it. Domestic LPG cylinder price. However, after the increase in the prices of commercial LPG cylinders, restaurant food and drink can become expensive.

Commercial cylinder price crosses Rs 2100

After the increase of Rs 100 in the price of commercial cylinder (LPG Gas Cylinder Price), the price of 19 kg cylinder in the national capital has gone up to Rs 2101. Earlier on November 1, the price of commercial LPG gas cylinder was increased by Rs 266 and the price of LPG gas was Rs 2000.50.